The Company

UFO Power is a China-based company with a China-based R&D and manufacturing team and subsidiaries in Poland and Malaysia. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of intelligent energy storage systems for residential use. These systems efficiently store solar and affordable grid power and are designed to reduce household energy bills while improving overall energy efficiency.

Established in 2012, UFO Power is committed to empowering customers to effectively lower their electricity bills, fortify energy security, and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. The company actively promotes energy efficiency and advocates for the widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies. UFO Power collaborates closely with energy suppliers and the National Grid, contributing to the pivotal transition toward a low-carbon energy landscape. By effectively managing energy demand during peak hours and diminishing dependence on fossil fuels, UFO Power plays a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable energy future.

Since its inception, UFO Power has secured funding through a combination of grants, prizes, and successful crowdfunding endeavors. Notably, in 2014, the company achieved a remarkable feat by raising €150,000 within a mere 8 hours on Indiegogo. Over the years, UFO Power has garnered substantial support from angel investors, crowdfunding campaigns, and venture capital, accumulating a total investment of €5.2 million.

In Europe, incentives promoting clean energy generation, such as feed-in tariffs and generation tariffs, have spurred a notable uptick in rooftop solar PV installations. For instance, Poland alone boasts one million homes equipped with solar PV systems. Furthermore, the ongoing trend of escalating electricity costs coupled with the decreasing prices of storage solutions, particularly lithium-ion batteries, further solidifies the demand for UFO Power’s offerings in the market.