Home battery storage

Power your home for a fraction of the cost

Home battery storage

Power your home for a fraction of the cost

Save up to 85% on your energy bills. With a UFO Power home battery storage system, you can keep your home running at a minimal price. Even better, you’ll be running on green, sustainable energy that cuts carbon as well as costs.

Run your home on battery power

Choose the setup that works for you

Use as a standalone battery

Save money using only the grid. Charge your battery overnight when costs are low, then switch to battery power when costs are high.

Connect to an alternate energy source

Home battery storage doesn’t stop at solar. You can charge your battery with any renewable energy source – such as wind or hydro.

Retrofit to an existing solar PV system

Maximise your solar setup. By pairing solar with a storage battery, you can power your home even after the sun stops shining.

Install at the same time as a solar array

Get your battery fitted alongside solar panels. You’ll save the most possible money, in the quickest possible time.

Benefits of home battery storage

Cut your home’s
CO2 emissions

Drastically reduce
your energy bills

Protect your
energy supply
from disruption

Integrate with smart
tariffs to continue
cutting costs

Enjoy cheap energy
day and night

Maximise your
investment on

Become more
resilient, and less

Track what you’re
spending and
saving in real-time

Set custom
using our API

UFO POWER-battery-phone-mockup

Monitor and manage with the tap of an app

To maximise your home battery storage, we also offer a powerful web monitoring portal and supporting mobile app.

So, you get full visibility over your energy usage. You’re always connected, and always in control.

You can remotely manage your system, smart devices, and battery. And, in turn, you can continually optimise to reduce your spend further.

How it works

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